OhMiBod Lovelife Discover

OhMiBod Lovelife Discover

I like cute things, such as kittens wrapped up in towels and corgis wearing little hoodies. So it comes as no surprise that I liked the The OhMiBod Lovelife Discover the moment I saw it, with its petite size, cute little heart-shaped face, and silly expression. Although I generally avoid pink, I actually find this toy’s rosy shade appealing combined with its marshmallow white head, and I could almost – almost – forgive the Lovelife line for only coming in one stereotypical color.

Charging the Discover feels like some kind of creepy Frankenstein brain surgery, as you carefully insert the long needle-like plug into the toy’s spherical cranium.  I must admit that I think this is kind of kick-ass, because I am a weird person. The new Lovelife line doesn’t respond to music like the classic OhMiBod products, so don’t expect to plug this one into your iPod. Discover is not waterproof, so take care when cleaning to avoid getting water into its tiny electronic brain.

As cute this toy is, I hated using Discover externally. My clit is super sensitive, and the extremely buzzy vibrations of Discover are pretty numbing. On days I’m feeling extra-sensitive, this vibe is actually too uncomfortable for me to use on my clit. Discover has to take the trophy for some of the most unpleasant surface-buzziness that I’ve come across, and although I found that the pulse settings slightly help alleviate the numbing sensations, I haven’t been able to orgasm using this toy externally. Also, for those who like power, this vibe’s highest setting isn’t all that strong.

I do really like Discover for thrusting, however. The silicone is very buttery smooth to the touch, and the graduated curve allows for easy insertion. The vibe’s round head is easy for me to use as a handle (but I also have freakishly tiny hands, so it might be more difficult for someone with bear paws). Discover’s shape and smaller size feels very nice for when I’m not craving something enormous in my vagina, and buzzy vibrations don’t numb me on the inside like they do on my clit. Each time I became frustrated with this vibe on my clit, I’d switch to thrusting it internally, and found Discover far more pleasurable to use this way.

If OhMiBod can upgrade the Lovelife Discover to have stronger, deeper, and more rumbly vibrations, and offer at least one more color option besides candy pink, I would be ALL over this toy line. The silicone is silky smooth, the design is cute without being cringeworthy, and the shape is pleasurable. I’ll be very interested in seeing what OhMiBod comes out with next.

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This toy was sent to me courtesy of Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

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