This Week in Sex: Wieners w/Cheese

for the non binary folk, by tonytoggles on DeviantArt

I thought I’d try a new kind of blog post, because I keep coming across things that are awesome and noteworthy and definitely deserve more attention than a fleeting blip of a mention in the vast, endless Twitterverse. So here’s my take on the latest news and a roundup of stuff on the internet that I believe is worth a look.

News From My Room

In case you missed it, I’m hosting my very first giveaway! One lucky winner will receive two months of Level 2 Membership for free. Giveaway ends on February 24.

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Also, my Facebook page has been resurrected from the dead, so if FB is your social network of choice, you can keep updated from there.

Upcoming reviews include Fun Factory’s Stronic Drei, as well as the Toyfriend Seti which was generously sent to me by the fantastical Burlesque Toy Shop.

News From The Blogosphere

Queeraschino Cherry has posted the mother of all Mona 2 reviews. Remove your hat(s), grab your anal beads rosary, bow down to her sex toy shrine, and prepare to laugh your ass off.

ArchVixen posted a comparative review of the Pack ‘n Play 1 and 2 by Tantus, and has helped me come to the conclusion that I would like to have both of those in my pants. You know, double-dick style. (Do they make harnesses for that?)

Sex-ational wants to hear from you if you’d like to actively participate in creating a sex-positive, education focused co-op adult industry magazine. Send them an email if you’d like to become involved, to help grow this idea and build it from the ground up.

News From The Interwebs

Facebook just added 50+ gender options, for those who are trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, agender, or just want to identify themselves as something beyond “male” or “female”. Awesome? Yes.

Finally, a worthy Buzzfeed quiz that can REALLY help answer the question, “How Gay Are You?” Believe me, this one is actually worth your time. Plus you get to pick a Beyoncé.

RedEye Chicago’s  collection of anonymous sex toy reviews for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, yeah, I know, pretty boring. Just bear with me and keep scrolling. Keeeeep scrollinggggg……. GLAZED DOUGHNUT 0/10 STARS WOULD NOT USE AGAIN.

This week, Tantus is having a serious Grab Bag Sale – 25% off all of them, with code SURPRISEME at checkout! Grab Bag toys are already crazypants cheap, and you get an exciting mystery color. That’s $17.25 for Vamp and $13.50 for Ryder, people. Sale ends on February 21.

One-day flash sale! Today is director Shine Louise Houston’s birthday. Celebrate the Keymaster’s special day with 18% off any level of membership, using code 4D3 at checkout. Sale lasts today only: February 18!

CatalystCon East is less than a month away! I’m all prepared with my new Moo Cards. You can now view the whole schedule online, and if you haven’t registered yet, you’ve got until next Wednesday before the ticket price shoots up again. So get on that and meet me there!

Bawdy Storytelling is celebrating their 7-Year Anniversary in San Francisco with two epic shows next week. I’ve got VIP tickets to Wednesday’s “Lucky!” show and I’m taking a pretty lady with me.

And From Elsewhere

Stuff not necessarily related to sex, but still excellent:

My good friend Amy of SlothNails has posted this sparkling glitter explosion of a nail polish review. I’ve since become obsessed with “Hello, Sweetie” and I want it on my fingers now.

While wandering Etsy very late at night, I fell into this fantastical Etsy shop and then proceeded to purchase 80 stickers that just say “clitoris”. I am also eagerly awaiting obscene amounts of stickers that say “Wieners w/Cheese”, “For Vaginal Use Only”, and “Corn”, because I need them. For things.

Meanwhile, on the internet: Typical Richard Nixon shenanigans.

3 comments on “This Week in Sex: Wieners w/Cheese

  1. I have never wanted more Bucket Steak stickers than I do right at this moment XD Also thanks for the shout out 😀

    I absolutely Love these kinds of roundup posts, I always feel overwhelmed by my RSS feed (HEY I CAN BE A NERD IF I WANT), facebook, twitter, etc so I feel like I’m always missing out on cool news/stories like these and everyone’s comings and goings. I hope you do more so I can never again be without inspiration for my very own Mona 2 shrine 😀

  2. Re: Facebook’s custom pronouns. There’s a little hitch insofar as, if you switch from “female” to a custom gender, Facebook will switch all your familiar relationships (daughter, niece, sister, etc.) to the masculine. Not only is this problematic as far as misgendering, but it could lead to people being inadvertently outed because there’s no way to hide the familial relationships you’ve already established except to delete them entirely – which may also raise suspicion. Just want to spread the word so folks don’t end up accidentally outing themselves before they’re ready!

    1. Yikes, I had no idea! Thank you for mentioning this.

      There’s definitely several improvements that need to be made for the new FB options. More terms to be included (femme, boi, etc), additional choices besides just men and women for “Interested In”, and the problem you described above.

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