Toyfriend Seti

Toyfriend Seti

The Toyfriend Seti is a weird shape, and I was intrigued the moment I laid eyes upon its grand satellite dish design and cheerful blue hue.

The possibilities consumed me. Would NASA collect data on my orgasmic contractions? Could I broadcast NPR radio straight to my vagina? Was it time I tried some space explorer roleplay? Beam me up, Scotty.

Initially, I thought this was an insertable toy for focused G-spot stimulation, but Seti turned out to be much larger than I envisioned. Despite my doubts, I tried shoving Seti up my vagina anyway – in the name of sex toy reviewing – but my steamy fantasies of Soviet Union astronomers from the 1960s were disrupted with misery, pain, and frustration. I had to awkwardly battle my vulva to just get the satellite dish inside my body, and every moment of the ordeal was tormenting and unpleasant. The shape of Seti ensures that this is definitely not an internal toy.

What Seti is made for is pinpoint clitoral stimulation. I must admit I didn’t like this vibe the first time I used it, as in general I much prefer a broader surface area on my clit. I have to be in the right mood to find pinpoint vibration pleasureable – this is a personal preference, as my clit is very sensitive. Also, I almost always have to pair it with a good insertable toy.

So I put on some hot outer space porn, grabbed a Tantus O2 dildo, and indulged myself further in pleasurable pseudoscience. Seti features two power settings and three pulse modes. Although the highest power setting is not incredibly strong, it is plenty enough for my body when it comes to pinpoint stimulation.

Using this toy is like an exercise in restraint: As I become more aroused, I naturally want to grind the toy harder on my clit. This, however, knocks the vibe out of place, until the entire satellite dish is snuggling up against my vulva, resulting in very little feeling of vibration. It’s a challenge to hold back from grinding into the toy, which depending on my mood can be either enjoyable or annoying.

Aerie: I feel like I need to make a terrible joke about vaginas being all mysterious like Area 51 but it does not want to happen in my brain
Aerie: this post
Aerie: this post will ruin me
Amy: hahahahaa
Amy: Requires a tinfoil hat to find

Seti’s power is concentrated right through the spike of the satellite dish. The toy can be rotated so the edges or back of the dish caress the clitoris, but the vibration is very noticeably less powerful in these areas. Basically, you want to just boop the spike directly on your clit. Toyfriend could have designed Seti without the dish for the same functionality, but personally I think the cosmic theme is unique and cute. Plus, I like hoping it will help bring a certain sexy time-traveling spaceman to my door someday.

The Toyfriend Seti is a well priced silicone vibe for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, but not versatile at all for other uses. Although I do like this toy, my enjoyment of Seti is very dependent on my mood, and I don’t foresee reaching for this one often. I highly recommend knowing for sure that you really like pinpoint vibrations before you buy.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of Burlesque Toy Shop in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review. Unfortunately, Burlesque has since gone out of business, so I have updated the links in this post for my favorite online sex toy retailer SheVibe instead.

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