Tantus Slow Drive

Tantus Slow Drive

The Tantus Slow Drive comes in lime green. Glorious, slightly shimmery, candy-bright lime green. I get eye-orgasms gazing at these new and brilliant limited edition colors, which also include pearly teal and silvery slate. I want to eat this delicious-looking masterpiece of a dildo.1

Skinny and simple, the Slow Drive features a dramatic curve at the tip, with an insertable length of 5″ (also available in a Long version, at 7.25″ insertable). Slow Drive’s smooth, glossy silicone surface has a little bit of squish, and while sturdy and firm in density, its modest 1.25″ diameter makes the dildo moderately bendable.

The shiny silicone of the Slow Drive is just soft enough to warm myself up to G-spot play. After I’ve had enough slow stroking, I can angle the curved tip more directly into my G-spot and start thrusting away for more intense stimulation. As the diameter barely changes throughout the length of this dildo, Slow Drive feels incredibly smooth gliding in and out.

Slow Drive possesses magical G-spot powers: what this toy may not have in size and girth is made up for with a magnificent curve. The rounded shape of the tip and the firmness of the silicone results in a combination that feels like a large, gently curved finger; the feeling is not too intense, but prominent enough to firmly categorize this dildo as a wonderful G-spot toy.

My only criticism is that the small and rather thin base is somewhat difficult to grasp when thrusting. The base is a unique triangular shape, perhaps for ease of use in a harness, but isn’t much to hold on to during solo use.

With an exception of the small and difficult-to-hold base, I love everything about the majestic Tantus Slow Drive and all its shimmery lime green glory. Perfect for warm-up, harnesses, anal and prostate play, or just good old fashioned G-spotting, Slow Drive is a great addition to any dildo collection.

Make sure to get yourself one of these new, limited edition Tantus releases in lime, silver, or teal (get 20% off with code LIMITEDEX, and hurry while they last)! Let’s all show Tantus that we demand more wonderful unique colors like these.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of Tantus in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

  1. Which makes me think of a genius product idea: mini Tantus-toy-shaped hard candies. Dear Tantus: I’ll be waiting for your call when you’re ready to hire me as a full-time Dildo Wizard. []

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  1. I also feel the eye-gasms when I look at these limited edition toys and I can feel myself yearning for them. I am surprised that they made the bases as small as they did. It seems like they re-used the base design from their old elements line (which were fairly small toys. You may remember the Pi, Theta, Omega, Delta, etc…) and slapped larger dildos on top. I am really digging the look of the Slow Drive. I really, really wish these were not limited edition toys. I would like to see them around for a long time (colors included!)

    Thanks for another great review!

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