Aerie’s Room: Not just dildos all the time


If there’s one thing I love just as much as sex toys, it’s board games. No – not Monopoly or Candy Land… I’m talking about the current generation of hobby board games, which generally has more depth, strategy, unique concepts, and interesting game mechanics. Think along the lines of Settlers of Catan.

I have a tendency to obsess over games; I can talk anyone’s ear off about them, and it’s common for me to stay up all night lurking on BoardGameGeek. I take great pride in my ever-growing game collection, which at this point has cost me a small fortune. Playing board games is one of my favorite social activities – not only do I love playing games with my partners, I’ve also hosted and attended countless game nights through various Meetup groups, and have met many of my friends through gaming. Dildos are what I use to play with myself… board games are what I use to play with everyone else!

Lately I’ve been feeling a strong urge to blog about my enduring love for board games, so I’ve decided to broaden the focus of Aerie’s Room a bit. Sex toy reviews will still be a big percentage of my content, but I really want to talk about my other passions, thoughts on certain topics, and life experiences as well.


Besides upcoming board game reviews, I have a post in the works about my personal struggle with gender identity. I also plan to write more about past sexual experiences, discovering my sexual orientation, exploring polyamorous relationships… and maybe even stories about fighting depression, or growing up as a person of color in a town as diverse as a bag of pistachios.

Aerie’s Room started as a place for me to post my opinion about objects I’ve inserted in my vagina, but I’m excited to expand my blog’s focus and share more of my life and thoughts with the world. So, with that said, my door is open – welcome to more of my room!


8 comments on “Aerie’s Room: Not just dildos all the time

  1. OMG!!! I can’t wait to read your board game reviews!!!!! I LOOOOVED playing board game as a child until my parents removed them from me saying that games don’t educate me and I should stop playing. And I really look forward exploring more parts of your room!

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