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Hello! I am Aerie, a 33 year old queer nerdy weirdo. I write all content for Aerie’s Room – my blog where I talk about sexuality, sex toys, board games, queerness, nerdiness, dating and relationships, and whatever random things pop into my weird brain.

My gender is enby or non-binary (I formerly identified as genderqueer – my gender identity is a mysterious fluctuating orb of confusion to everyone including myself) and my pronouns are the gender-neutral “they/them”. I’m multiracial (half-Japanese). I grew up in Portland, Oregon and love living here.

I am pansexual and polyamorous: I am attracted to (and can fall in love with) people regardless of their gender identity, and I have committed consensually non-monogamous relationships with multiple people at the same time. My girlfriend is the incredibly smart, radiant, beautiful, and snarktastic sex toy reviewer Epiphora. My primary partner is a sweet boy from Wales (a very long distance relationship!) and is a total nerd (sooo my type) with a deliciously dirty mind and sexy British accent. I am also dating another total cutie, who prefers his coffee without creamer (but why?) and is wonderfully creative and talented.

I like sandwiches, geocaching, handmade items, color swatches, chipmusic, strange indie video games, warm blankets, rainy days, pancakes, making out for hours, and Coconut Chai Rooibos Tea Lattes.

Photo credit: Screencap from Epiphora’s Princessa video review

Questions? Thoughts? Tweet me @aeriesroom or send me email via aeriesroom [at] gmail [dot] com

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