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All the board games that are in my collection.

Aerie's Board Game Shelf

1000 Blank White Cards (Public Domain Edition)

12 Realms

7 Wonders





  • Expansion: High Bohn Plus




Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Dixit: Journey

  • Expansion: Origins

Dungeon Petz

Eat Poop You Cat (Public Domain Edition)

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

  • Expansion: Illusions
  • Expansion: Quest
  • Promo: The Pit

Five Tribes

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

  • Expansion: Extreme Danger
  • Mini-Expansion: 2nd Story
  • Mini-Expansion: Dangerous Waters
  • Mini-Expansion: Veteran & Rescue Dog


Forbidden Island

Galaxy Trucker

Garden Dice

  • Expansion: The Card Expansion

Glory to Rome (Black Box Edition)

The Great Dalmuti


Guts of Glory

Hanabi & Ikebana (Print & Play Edition)




Lords of Waterdeep

Lost Cities

Love Letter (Kanai Factory Limited Edition)

Machi Koro

The Magic Labyrinth

Magician’s Kitchen

Mice and Mystics

Micropul (Print & Play Edition)

Mottainai (Print & Play Beta v0.82)

Mysterium (Містеріум Ukranian Edition) – Preordered

Ora et Labora


Pick-a-Dog (& Pick-a-Pig)

Piece o’ Cake


Race for the Galaxy

  • Expansion: Alien Artifacts
  • Expansion: The Brink of War
  • Expansion: The Gathering Storm
  • Expansion: Rebel vs Imperium

Sentinels of the Multiverse

  • Mini Expansion: Ambuscade
  • Mini Expansion: The Final Wasteland
  • Mini Expansion: Miss Information
  • Mini Expansion: The Scholar
  • Mini Expansion: Silver Gulch 1883
  • Mini Expansion: Unity

Slide 5

Small World

Snake Pit (Print & Play Edition)

Space Alert


Stone Age

Sushi Go!



Ticket To Ride: Europe




We Didn’t Playtest This At All


Zombie in my Pocket (Print & Play Edition)


Roleplaying Game Shelf



  • Supplement: The Fiasco Companion

Glitch Iteration


Mortal Coil

A Penny for My Thoughts

The Quiet Year

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8 comments on “Board Game Shelf

  1. Ohmygoodness. I apologize in advance for how long and ridiculous this comment gets…
    There’s a ton of overlap in this list with our collection.
    Stand outs: 7 Wonders & Race & Takenoko are staples here – you gotsta get some expansions for 7W! They are sooo gooood.
    We ended up getting a second core set of Race to keep with Alien Artifacts because we never take the other three out, and they aren’t compatible. It is basically the best game ever made (ask anyone at Rio Grande, it is pretty funny getting a demo for something else amd talking about RFTG the whole time), so we always have it ready.
    Ticket to Ride: India is also super satisfying – mandalas! Yay!

    Also, highly recommend King of Tokyo and King of New York. They are frigging brilliant. I probably play one or the other weekly anymore, and multiple times in that instance.
    Dominion is also utterly classic for a reason.
    Hive is a neat two player game, Red Dragon Inn is a splendid ALL THE PLAYERS game, I could go on and on…even more than I have already. Phew.

    Oh! It is also kind of surprising you have Ora et Labora but not Agricola. I personally prefer it, so kudos for obviously doing the research before getting one. We only own both because I worked at a game store for 2.5 years and got them both for the price of one. Agricola is…depressing, if that makes sense?

    Um. Right. So I’m blitheringly delighted to see your upcoming board game reviews, as it is one of my two major material passions along with sex utensils. So yay!

    1. THIS COMMENT IS AWESOME. I love that you worked at a game store, and that someone else is just as nuts about both sex toys & board games!

      Race for the Galaxy is my #1 favorite game!! I also play it with all the first 3 expansions mixed in ALWAYS, so haven’t even opened Alien Artifacts yet because of that. I trolled RGG news for months waiting for the expansion to come out, bought it immediately when it finally did, but it is literally still in shrink wrap. I’ll just have to get a second copy of the base game like you mentioned – that’s brilliant and you can’t have too much RftG anyway.

      Agreed that 7W is brilliant and I must try the expansions! I have played Dominion a few times, but I’m not sure I’m a big fan of deck building games, so I don’t own it currently… though I’d like to try playing it more. I owned King of Tokyo for a while, but it wasn’t quite my type of game. I’ll have to check out Red Dragon Inn!

      I bought Ora et Labora when it came out years ago, but haven’t actually played it yet!! Also, I haven’t played Agricola, though I definitely want to try it (I need to find and build a gamer group that wants to play heavier strategies with me!)

      Have you tried Village? I’ve been eyeing it for a while; the weird and morbid game mechanic of your meeples dying appeals to me for some reason…

      1. Race For The Galaxy is excellent, but I’ve barely touched my copy since getting the dice-based Roll For The Galaxy.

        And I’m deeply impressed that you printed out a copy of Mottainai. I sill prefer Uchronia by the same designer, though.

  2. I really can’t wait to hear your opinions on Dixit & Takenoko! I’m just starting to get interested in tabletop games and these two are at the top of my intrigue list. 🙂

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