The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks by Jen Sincero is, as you might guess, a book for women about how to have sex with other women.

From the title and the girly pink cover design, I must admit was initially a little skeptical whether this would turn out to be a quality book. However, my appreciation for the book grew once the author explained in the introduction that her ideal title for the book would be “A Guide for Women Who Usually Have Sexual Relationships with Men and Who Would Now Like to Explore Sexual Relationships and/or Brief Encounters with Women.” In this introduction, the author talks about problems with labels such as “straight”, the fluidity of sexual orientation, and explains everything in a very open and sex-positive way. I appreciated how she never makes statements such as “If you do/like that then that means you are this.”

This book is written in a casual manner, as if you were listening to advice from a close female friend. Although on occasion this writing style comes across as somewhat unprofessional, overall it makes the book easy and fun to read.

A good chunk of the book is tips and techniques for having sex with a woman, including fingering, oral sex, anal play, strap-on harnesses, safer sex solutions, and so on. Although not everything is specific to sex between two vulva-owners, there is a good chunk of information you won’t find in a typical cis-centric sex book. At the same time, this book definitely isn’t written for lesbians who are clear and confident in their sexual orientation. Although The Straight Girl’s Guide caters to a very specific audience, it addresses its audience very well.

I particularly enjoyed the amusing images, in which naked Barbies with Sharpie’d tattoos are getting it on (complete with tiny strap-ons!), as well as the little anecdotes scattered throughout the book. The author offers some good tips on how to meet other women, although I felt that too many of her suggestions involved going to a lesbian bar and/or just drinking alcohol until you magically feel comfortable. For those who are only interested in girl sex advice to have FFM threesomes, an entire chapter is devoted to negotiating these successfully.

Of course, as a toy reviewer, my brain went into High Alert Mode whenever I came across mention of sex toys. When it comes to toy materials, this book’s nine-year-old information needs a serious update. The author recommends jelly toys, which are toxic, porous, and can cause chemical burns inside of your vagina.  And since putting a condom on a jelly toy won’t necessarily protect you from Chernobyl-in-your-Pants, any modern tome of sex information should only recommend toys made from body-safe materials and reputable brands.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks, and would recommend this book to any woman who is interested in exploring sexual relationships with other women.

Tantus Cush O2

Tantus Cush O2

Cush O2 is a dual-density, high quality silicone dildo from Tantus. Its name accurately describes the feeling of the soft, translucent outer layer of silicone, which is so wonderfully cushiony and squishy I personally think it should be called the Goosh. I really don’t understand why no one ever hires me for these kinds of things.

Setting: Important Tantus Business Meeting

Dildo Executive #1: Behold! The newest product in our O2 line. Dildos for everyone! Pass the dildos around!

Dildo Executive #2: All we need is some good suggestions on what to name this one.  And stop telling us the names of your boyfriends.

Dildo Executive #1: Yes? You there, in the back, wearing a hat in the shape of… is that a TARDIS?

Aerie: I shall call it… the TANTUS GOOSH! *repeatedly smooshes soft silicone tip up against cheek*

Dildo Executives (in unison): Get that weirdo out of here!

Aerie (while being dragged out of the general Lake Tahoe area): GOOOSH!

But really, that is what you will want to do with the Cush. You will want to squish it in your palm, and pinch the smooth, satiny tip between your fingers. You will want to grab it, fondle it, and poke it. Cush is like an erotic stress relief ball.

And, of course, you will want to have sex with it.

Cush is a girthy toy, with a diameter of 1.75″ and a length of 7″. Although I wouldn’t (yet?) call myself a size queen , I lust after the incredibly filling sensation I get when using this dildo. The squishy, tapered tip helps ease the insertion, and with much lube and some warming up, I can take it slightly past the protruding ripple.

Cush feels just as heavenly to squeeze with my vagina as it does with my hand. Thrusting is easy with the large, flared base, but it doesn’t take much movement to enjoy this thick dildo. Even though the silicone is very draggy, this actually adds to the cushiony soft feel of the surface. The core, however, is incredibly stiff, ensuring you will really feel the size and girth of this toy. The moment I place a good vibe on my clit, I’m coming in no time.

I love, LOVE this dildo. With its squishy outer layer supported by a rigid inner core, the dual-density of Cush has been balanced just perfectly… neither painfully stiff nor frustratingly floppy. Just as you would expect from this excellent toy company, Tantus Goosh Cush O2 is a magnificent dildo and absolutely worth every penny.

Aerie’s Room #01 – CatalystCon West 2013

Presenting the first video show for Aerie’s Room, where I talk about my experience at CatalystCon West 2013.

My apologies for the video quality, and the obnoxious choppy editing job! I was so nervous recording this show that I couldn’t speak in complete sentences like a normal human being. Here’s hoping I’ll get better at this with practice.

Show notes:

Update 11/14: Epiphora has written an epic post about Catalyst West, explaining in great detail all the greatness that happened!

Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold

Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold

Scarves are versatile tools for all kinds of kinky fun in the bedroom. After building up a basic collection of fetish gear, however, I was hoping to finally return my scarves to their original purpose as a fashion accessory after buying this Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold.

At first glance, the blindfold’s packaging looks nice, except the photos don’t portray the blindfold accurately. With no way to see the actual product inside before purchase, I was buying… ahem… blindly, so I was dismayed when I pulled out what appeared to be a flimsy sleep mask similar to something you might get for free on an airplane. The stitching and seams are even and well done, but there is absolutely nothing special about this blindfold. When bending the mask, you can hear the thin layer of crinkly foam padding inside. Meager bands of elastic strap the mask to your face, and although the bands can stretch far enough to slip over a larger sized head, it is uncomfortable – Dradyn endured this mask for about ten seconds before he asked if we could just go back to the scarf.

This is not the quality I expect from a brand like Sportsheets. Since I don’t yet own anything else from their Sex & Mischief product line, I’m hoping this isn’t the standard for this sub-brand. If you’re looking for something better than a cheap drugstore sleep mask to blindfold your partner, keep searching for a nicer product, or just stick to a good old scarf.

Bad Dragon Cole the Dane

Bad Dragon Cole The Dane

I have to admit the first thing I did after receiving and washing my Cole the Dane was pop it into my mouth. The vivid sorbet-like hues in my custom coloring of this dildo look delicious and turned out even better than I had imagined. Although flavorless without even a hint of a candy sweet taste, the soft squishy silicone felt fantastic on my tongue and I was already smitten with my first Bad Dragon toy.

Bad Dragon is a company known for their fantasy-themed sex toys, premium quality silicone, and extensive customizability. Catering to members of the furry fandom, Bad Dragon offers dildos and masturbators shaped like the imagined genitalia of anthropomorphic creatures. Furry porn has long been one of my kinks, and I always admire well-drawn furry artwork and well-made unusual dildos. Don’t be too quick to disregard these toys even if you don’t share this fetish; the unique and fun shapes that Bad Dragon makes are still worth a look.

For my Cole the Dane, I chose size small, in medium firmness with a custom split fade color. Cole’s size small measures 7 inches in length, with 5.5 inches insertable and a maximum 6.75 inch circumference on the girthy knot. The medium firmness is pretty flexible and easily bendable, yet sturdy enough to stand up on its own large, flat base. Cushiony and squishy with some resistance, this firmness feels fairly similar to a human penis that is erect but not rock solid. Cole’s surface is matte and lightly textured with a high amount of drag. While a buttery smooth surface is desirable on many silicone toys, the draggy texture of this canine-ish dildo feels intentionally designed and nice to the touch. Cleanup is straightforward, with a little extra attention to wash out any fluids that get trapped in the tiny indent of the meatus.

Bad Dragon Cole The Dane

Cole’s tip is a little pointed, but in a medium firmness the tip doesn’t feel pokey or uncomfortable during use. Before the knot, the shaft is easy to take and penetration is shallow at just over 3 inches. While thrusting and trying to work in the entire dildo, the knot feels fantastic pounding against my labia, and after plenty of warming up the knot slides in with a nice pop. Knotting this toy feels wonderful and very filling.

What blows my mind with Cole, however, is turning the dildo slightly so that the most bulbous part of the knot bumps up against my G-spot. This is where the drag of the matte surface really shines: it very lightly pulls on my G-spot with each thrust, providing an incredibly pleasing stroking sensation. In contrast, the nJoy Pure Wand renders an equally amazing but entirely different polished effect. As a big fan of G-spot toys, I absolutely love Cole’s unexpected ability to stimulate in this way.

Cole the Dane is as great of a dildo as it looks, and excellent in size small with medium firmness. Judging from my experience with this toy, Bad Dragon is worthy of all the hype they get from reviewers and fans. Cole is a new favorite of mine and I look forward to trying other Bad Dragon products.

This toy was sent to me courtesy of Bad Dragon in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.